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About the Show
Shoji Tabuchi-Christmas   Just what is the Shoji Tabuchi Show that everyone loving American music is raving about? At its heart is Branson USA's first family of extraordinary musical entertainment....Shoji Tabuchi, his beautiful wife Dorothy and delightful daughter Christina. The family that plays, sings, and dances encompasses all the wholesome values of truly great family entertainment. Yet the show rivals the pure excitement of Las Vegas or New York.

Shoji Tabuchi-Broadway  With his sense of musical perfection, Shoji searched long and hard for the right professional musicians to form his band. It is with great pride and affection that he introduces each and every member, all of whom have one or more degrees in music. Their repertoire includes everything from country to classic, played with all the subtlety or verve, as the music demands, of a gifted musical                                                    organization.

Shoji Tabuchi-Show   The superb dancers are Dorothy's domain. Working with a renowned choreographer, and long hours of rehearsals, she has brought the dance company to a state of perfection that rivals any dance company in the world. Their creativity ranges from dancing with twirling cowboy ropes to lively polkas to dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy danced on toe during a special Christmas performance. Since the days of the Old Testament, song has been an expression of joy, uplifting the spirit. The company's extraordinary vocalists exemplify that joy with lovely ballads, songs of the 50's and 60's, gospel,...all to the toe-tapping delight of the audience.

Shoji Tabuchi Theatre Atrium  All is showcased in a theatre that is a phenomenon in itself...often called the "Showplace of Branson." Its decor is reminiscent of the grand theatre palaces of the 1930's. Even the restrooms have awed visitors.

Shoji Tabuchi Theatre Women's Restroom  The ladies' powder room is complete with wainscoting and ceiling reproduced from the 1890's Empire Period. To the ladies amazement, there are live cut orchids at every granite and onyx pedestal sink. Add to all that stained and jeweled glass and magnificient chandeliers!

  The gentlemen's lounge is no less imposing, with black lion head sinks imported from Italy, black leather chairs and a marble fireplace. The billiard room contains a hand carved mahogany billiard table, a viewing gallery, and a burled walnut mirror that was built in 1868. Shoji Tabuchi Theatre Men's Restroom
Shoji Tabuchi and the Odiako
   A recent addition to the show has been a cherished project of Shoji's and Dorothy's, and brings to the American people some of Shoji's native Japanese culture . . . the Taiko drums. The word Taiko refers to the art of Japanese drumming, but also means the Taiko drums themselves. The drums are not just instruments, but rather they recreate "the origin of the spirit of the Japanese people."
  Reputedly, Taiko was used originally to intimidate enemies on the battlefield. Taiko also was once a symbol of the rural community, and the limits of a village were defined, not by geography, but by the furthest reach of the drums' sound. Taiko is still used in Japanese religious ceremonies and is an important part of many festivals. Taiko as it is performed today is a relatively new phenomenon. It started in post-war Japan as a way to preserve tradition.
 The "tomoe" design painted on the head of the drum is from the Japanese culture, which gives the scope of the universe. Their belief is the everything is the breadth of creation. The spiral comma-shape of the tomoe is the never ending, all-encompassing spiritual feeling of everything that is or was.
Shoji Tabuchi and Kabukis

  There are 25 drums of three different styles and sizes in our show. The largest, known as Odaiko, was hand carved by Asano Taiko of Japan. The smallest are called Shime-daiko and has a high-pitched sound. Our Nagado-daiko, the mid-size drums, were custom made by David Leong of Rolling Thunder Taiko.

  Chosen to instruct our cast on the art of Taiko technique was Marco Lienhard. Marco is a world-class performer and instructor of not only Taiko drumming, but also fue and shakuhachi, which are traditional Japanese flutes. We feel very fortunate to have him come to Branson to work with us.
Shoji Tabuchi and the cast in Taiko

Exciting musical and variety entertainment in a palatial setting appeals to both the young and the young-at-heart.
The Shoji Tabuchi Show is a colossal show in a scenic little Ozark Mountain town...a show that no visitor to Branson should miss.
Performances are at  Monday through Saturday, with some Sunday performances and very special shows
during Ozark Mountain Christmas.  Please check Show Schedule for Performance Times...
Dorothy Tabuchi and Christina Tabuchi (Select Dates Only). 

What they are saying...

"Now I know what everyone in Hollywood is talking about!" - Art Linkletter

"Branson's #1 Attraction." "Packin' 'em in and drivin' 'em wild" - Inside Edition

Best Theatre/Entertainment for Groups - Destinations, February 1999

"Another big wow for the Shoji Tabuchi Show. This is a fantastic show..." -Branson Daily News, March 24, 1999 Music Showcase

"Shoji is a master violinist. It is an electrifying production... Branson's best and most exciting show." - Showcase Magazine, July/August 1998 Tourism and Travel

"Shoji's show is one of the hottest tickets on the strip." -Country America Magazine, November 1997

"It's the Shoji Tabuchi Christmas show, and it's not to be missed." - Let's Tour America, Winter/Spring 1995-96

"Shoji's show exhibits world-class dazzle and polish..." "That was the coolest thing I've ever seen." - Coast to Coast, March 1995 Country Swing

"Must-see show: Shoji Tabuchi. Utterly charming." - Southern Living, April 1994

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